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Strap Ė Ringed Belt, Muffler, Strap or Whatever Pattern by Stephen Hartley




Looking for a versatile knitted gift or just donít know what to do with the leftover yarn from my Knitty pattern, the Numbers bag?Hereís how I used my leftovers.††


This easy-to-make line of overlapping rings can be worn as a belt, and is easily adjustable for any wearer or style.As the name implies, Strap can also serve as a bag handle (ideal for the 8 of Circles Bag), perfect for slinging over your shoulder or across your chest.Ever-changing, Strap is warm and fuzzy as a muffler in winter and can be draped or tied as you see fit.Push the ends through any of the centers, pull tight or sling Strap loosely over your hips, around your neck or from your shoulders.


Strap is made in the round and connected as you go.The ribbed design makes each ring reversible, so you donít need to be concerned with how you connect them.With only 5 rounds per link, Strap can be a quick, easy gift for your favorite gal. Or use it as the perfect respite from your more intricate knitting, making a couple of links whenever you need a break.




Since there are no precise measurements and nearly unlimited uses, Strap is well suited for gift giving. If you cast on with smaller needles and thinner yarn, you can make jewelry or a child-sized Strap.Try making each circle a different color for a rainbow effect (and as a way to use up tiny balls of leftovers).Make your Strap any length by adding additional units, and turn it into whatever your heart desires.




1 size

1 Ring: 4 inches diameter

Length: Add additional rings to reach desired length.My 18 rings measured 51 inches.




Manos del Uruguay (100% wool; 138 yd/126 m per 100g skein)

[MC] Color: #03 Lavender; 1 skein

[CC] Color: G Coffee; 1 skein



1 8-inch/22 cm Japanese #10 or US #9/5.25 mm circular needle

You may be able to use double-pointed needles for this, but I strongly recommend the small circular needles.Clover makes a wonderful one.

1 tapestry needle



Gauge is not important, as you can adjust the length of the Strap by adding additional links.If you are not going to felt yours, you may want use a needle a size or two smaller than what you usually use with your chosen yarn to give the pieces more structure. In lieu of making a traditional swatch, you may want to make the first ring to see if it is the size and texture that you desire.


My gauge using the above yarn and needles was 14 sts = 4" in stockinette stitch




Whether or not you decide to felt the finished product, remember that a light felting wonít do much to change the size of your Strap.Also keep in mind that this piece may stretch with use.





First Ring

Using MC CO 56 sts onto circular needles. Join to begin working in the round, being careful not to twist.


[K2, P2] around for 3 rounds

Next Round: [k2tog, k2tog, p2tog, p2tog] around (28 sts remain)

Next round: [K2, P2] around

BO in pattern using [K2, P2]



Remaining Rings

Alternating between MC & CC repeat as above, passing needle through previous ring before joining as pictured.



Note: Since the pattern uses an even ribbed pattern, it is not important which direction you pass the needle through the previous unit.It will look the same on either side.You may also add to either end of the Strap.





Use the loose ends of each unit to tack it down to the previous one to make your Strap flat.Use photo as a guide for placement of the links.




Lightly felt if desired.I put mine inside of a zippered pillowcase in a small load on the HOT setting with a pair of jeans and two tennis balls for agitation, along with about a teaspoon of gentle liquid soap. Agitate for 3-5 minutes or until the Strap achieves a size and texture that you like. Rinse all soap out in a sink with cold running water, roll Strap in towels to remove excess moisture, and manipulate it into desired shape. Let dry.