Episode 0

before there was lgstiticed

Presenting the LGS Back Catalog


Back in the day, circa 2005, there was no LGStitced.  Back then, we simply put free patterns + tutorials on our website, without a care for organization.  Then came The Official Luscious Gracious Studios Organizational System (OLGSOS), which applied some order to this chaos.  Now, we have LGStitched, the perfect little place for all our on-line goodies.  With episode 0, we have gathered all your old favorites, from TOLGSOS, and put them in one handy place.  If you prefer the paper version, you may now order LGStitched Episode 0 ,the binder formerly known as TOLGSOS, on its own or in a specially priced combo back along with Episode 1. 


We’ve added a couple of on-line enhancements with the re-issue of episode 0.  You will now find all patterns in html, no need for that pesky acrobat.  There are now common headers that will help  get you where you want to go.  We’ve also added a little content.  The Cali pattern now  includes the Steve Remix, and we’ve included Kiki’s wonderful essay on color, so you don’t have to dig through the blog archives.


It is our hope that episode 0 will help you to find LGS patterns and tutorials easier, as well as remind you of some of our old  friends that you may have forgotten.  Enjoy!