Luscious Gracious is not only named after our children, it is also like a third child.  We pour so much of our hearts and our creative energy into what we do.  And this little idea has grown from a commission quilting business to include art in many forms - photography, poetry, drawing, computer arts, bookmaking, knitting...  Everything in our lives revolves around art.  Traveling, meetings of the International Knit Circle, exploration of world cultures & languages, they all come together to influence what we create.  And our children remain our best muses.

Enjoy the website.  There are photos & updates on family life for our loved ones.  See Stephen's current work.  Read Catherine's newest poems.  Buy some art.  Leave us messages.  Become involved with collaborations and come see our exhibitions.  Experience Luscious Gracious Studio.

Catherine J. Hall                            Stephen Hartley