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Enough complaining about our crappy winter.  Spring is here in the desert!  Things look a little
weird being so green!  

O.K. I can't resist, a little more complaining.  We have had so much rain that we now have
toadstools in the desert!
Also, we got caught in this Hail storm in Sedona!
(o.k. I know this happened last month with David
too, we never learn!)
Our great friends Eleni & Ippolyti
from Paris were lucky enough to be
visiting during this lovely hail
storm!  Even though the hail was
small, it still hurt as we ran for the
van (Lily was especially
It was fantastic to see Ippolyti &
Eleni.  We had a blast even though
we didn't make it to the greatest
pizza in the country (apparently
right here in PHX) or the Grand
Canyon.  It is very rare and a true
joy to have such special friends.  
The best part is that no matter how
much time or distance may
separate us, we can pick up just
where we left off.

Dear Lucy was so happy to have
her very best friend in the world
around again.  Katie was happy to
have her third daughter back, even
if for just a short time.  The girls
pretended to be sisters and
commented how "Aunt" Eleni still
looks like a teenager.

We also visited V-V ranch and saw
some beautiful petroglyphs.  This
was before the big hail storm.   The
girls had fun drawing what they
saw.  The adults enjoyed poking
fun at the politically incorrect

After the hail we had some
sunshine the next day at Boyce
Thompson Arboretum.  Everything
there was in bloom  Ippolyti's
favorite was the Periwinkle, and
Eleni has a thing for lizards.  This
little guy played dead long enough
for us all to get a good look & for
Steve to get a picture.

Some other things we saw -

Flowering trees (pecan to the right)

Palms that made it look like Hawaii

                             Unfurling Agave

A cactus with the mathematical
sense to bloom in the Golden Spiral

                   Jasmine like in Greece

Chinese Flowering Peach Tree
(Katie's favorite)

Of course we pressed our luck to
get two nice Sundays in a row at
BTA.  We were rained out this
week.  However, we still enjoyed it
even in the rain.  This pointy thing
jumped onto the path to grab Steve.

The wildflowers are a little early
this year due to all the rain, but
they should last for quite a while.

Yes we have roses in bloom in
February & March!  

The native agave have unusual and
beautiful buds and incredible
colorful blooms.  It is hard to
believe this stuff is on Earth.

It is hard to believe our baby, Miss
Lily Grace Hall Hartley will be 8 in
a couple of weeks.  Where has the
time gone?  Here are a couple of
recent pictures of the girls digitally
transformed into photo art for our
upcoming show at The Artist
Within in Muncie in May.

Happy Spring!