FAIR PLAY. A word about The Rules.


LusciousGraciousStudios is a family affair.

When we started our International Knit Circle, little Lucy decided that knitting has only two rules.

1). Everyone's invited and

2). Have fun.

After watching a dear friend pull out her hair every time that she picked up her needles, Lily amended #2 to read, "If you don't (or can't) have fun, do something else."

This, of course, is a youngster's interpretation of "Follow your bliss."

And if that bliss is knitting, or any kind of art, we are glad that you have found us.

The four of us have turned our love of color, texture, and creating art on a daily basis into a way of life. We work hard to provide our friends and customers with something special. In turn, we ask only that they remember the rules stated above, and one other tiny one.

3). Play fair.

Please, remember this basic kindness. These patterns, as well as the images and other artworks, are for non-commercial use only. They may not be reprinted or copied in any way without our express permission.

We don't mean YOU, of course! We just thought that you might appreciate something in writing to show to any less-enlightened art enthusiasts who may ask you to do something that you never would.

That way, you are never the stick-in-the-mud. We are. That's just another service of LusciousGraciousStudios.