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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mason - Dixon - Kiki

Kay Gardiner & Ann Shayne from Mason - Dixon knitting have a new book out today.

They have included a pattern based upon this sweater that Kiki knit a few years ago.

We will let you get the book to see how they used this colorwork pattern. They do suggest it as a good first Fair Isle project, we agree! If you are looking for another first Fair Isle pattern, check out Kiki's Kate pattern, which contains a complete "Learn Two-Fisted Colorwork" lesson. It is how Steve & Illanna learned Fair Isle. To read more about Kiki's original sweater & colorwork that inspired the pattern in the book click here or here.

Thanks, Ann&Kay, for including us! The book is a real gem, front to back! And we're not just saying that...can't wait to try that word sweater....ohhhhh!Ahhhh!Words AND knitting, together at last!

Coming Soon - Kiki's Monster Birthday Gifts, final Mitten-A-Long, and maybe some more patterns.


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