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Sunday, September 21, 2008

HKB Handmade Gifts

Luscious Gracious! Look what they made for me!

Every year I say, "Best birthday ever!" And every year, the girls tell me, "That's what you said last year!" So I guess my life just keeps getting better, or my memory keeps getting worse. Either way, this year was my best birthday ever.....or at least since the one in 1989!

As always at CasaLusciousGracious, little elves were busy stitching and gluing and felting in the days leading up to the event, and here are some of the results. Lily Grace used green wool and Aranzi Aronzo's "Car Folk" pattern in the book "Fun Dolls" to make this happy replica of the green station wagon we had when the girls were small. They called her Neener because of the noise she made to remind them to buckle up. "NeeeNer, NeeeNer", quite like a British ambulance,.....and the girls would reply, "Yes, Neener!" as they tumbled into car seats and waited for us to secure them.

Also, we all have a bit of a thing for green station wagons!

SEW cute, Lily!

Ms. Lulu designed a scrapbook with photos of her summer....Florida with Grandma, Indiana with all of those cousins, and even a bit of her trip to Catalina Island. I was hoping for a photo of her on the ferry, but she was too busy with her head in the toilet to take any!
Lily and Lucy also brought home some of the pottery they made for me this summer at The Artist Within, their grandfather's shop and studio. They learned to throw pottery on the wheel this summer! No photos at this point, because I immediately put them on my bedside table (as holders for lipbalm, stitch markers, tapestry needles, candy, dental floss, etc.)

When Illanna came to visit this spring, she brought the girls Japanese felting kits, complete with a crazy looking magic wand that turns bits of wool fiber into round little beads. Thanks Illanna! It's a REALLY cool invention. Lily is smitten; any chance to play in the water is a good thing. And it's better than playing in the dirt!

These are some of her creations, looped into a special necklace for me. It makes me think of the goofy aunt in "Home for the Holidays". Robert Downey Jr. congratulates her on her stylish necklace, and she happily replies, "It's made of Fruit Loops!" This one is so pretty it makes me want to eat it!

So, back in 1989 on my birthday, Steve kissed me (awwww) for the first time and we started dating. Therefore, we celebrate our real anniversary on September 9 as well. And he's been my boyfriend ever since. Well, until now!

Look at my new Boyfriend! Shown here holding hands and skipping happily along with Girlfriend. There's a bit of a height difference (she's 7" short and he's 11" tall), but who cares? They make quite the striking couple!

Don't tell her parents, but here's a photo of Girlfriend in the nude. Long before she decided to run for office. She was young, inexperienced, looking for a good time! Don't judge her for her youthful indiscretions!

And those little cheeks are so cute!!

Also, Girlfriend was waiting for her laundry to dry, just like every other college student!

And after felting, we had to wait for her to dry. Steve tied her to the ceiling fan, and she became more and more lifelike as the hanging progressed! Girlfriend is so awesome just the way she is, and we decided to leave her hollow, which lends her a very ghosty, skeletal, and slightly alien appearance (what more could you want?).

Girlfriend started out as Nashua "Natural Focus Ecologie Wool", color Indigo (white with an almost invisible blue cast to it). And Stephen made her a hoodie dress from GGH "Vision"(66%wool, 33%polymide, 1%elastin) that looks straight out of a Rebecca magazine. All bits and pieces, including dress, just out of Steve's fantastical brain and fingers.

Girlfriend has been a very special pal to me, and I use her as a focal point when contemplating the so very empty nature of her head, and of the universe! But like all dieties, she was a little lonely, a little tired of living her life on the pedestal. She was looking for love.

And "love" started out as a floppy, stripey dude made in "Heaven" (yarn by fibranatura,50%Merino wool and 50% silk). Who wouldn't want a self-striping boyfriend made in Heaven?

After felting and the ritual hanging, Boyfriend came to life, just like the Bride of Frankenstein. But with better self esteem. He decided, hollow or not, to stick around with the woman he was made for.

Here's Boyfriend on the stripey side, showing his bumpy head protrusions (a "crest",Lily informs us) and his cute individual fingers. Steve was very inspired by Hellboy II this summer, and started this multi-striped guy soon after seeing so many incredible creatures on the screen.

I particularly like the eyes! Hollow and big, just like Girlfriend, but Boyfriend was blessed with big, bushy eyelashes! His mouth is open, a bit like Mr. Toad from "Wind in the Willows". Actually, he looks A LOT like a toad!

Remember that mitten challenge? We need to show the finished products still....yikes, how time does fly! Anyway, I collected and used some leftover bits of the Harrisville "New England Shetland" that Steve picked out for our Mitten-a-Long this summer to make this pillow.

I had charted and knit almost all of it when Illanna's package arrived the day before my birthday...and her scraps (the black and grey) were the only ones missing! What a fortuitous event! I was then able to add our names and date to the pillow on the ends.

I finished it just in time to give to my dear Stephen on our anniversary. Nineteen years. I remember when that seemed like a loooooooong time! It went by in such a flash, measured first in college exams and papers, then in laundering cloth diapers, then in endless school functions with the kids. Now each milestone is measured in knitting projects, great and small.
Good old "Extreme Trapping!!!" Please learn it if you don't already know's so much more fun than the bobbins of intarsia! Stephen learned how from our Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen "A Knitting Glossary" dvd. The technique is also called Armenian knitting, and Meg, along with Joyce Willims, has a newish book out by the same name with great instructions and incredible projects (our hero, Meg!). Check out that Lily Coat!!!

Lily's first Creature!!! Dad is sooooo proud! She used scrap pieces from Girlfriend's coat that were in Steve's knitting bag, along with some bright blue Malabrigo in her bag to stitch this little one (4.5" tall) together origami-style!

Here's the back view, showing his cape. Now Boyfriend and Girlfriend have a pet! They think they're people!

The girls have always liked to make pop-up cards, and this summer Lily made them in Indiana with and for her relatives there. This one came home to that painted heart!
She sent this cactus version to JDub.

Ahh, JDub. We miss our far-flung friends! But sometimes they come to visit!

For example, Letoya just spent a few weeks back in the States, and stayed with us for the Arizona part of her trip. She cracks us up, and brought us all kinds of wonderful goodies from the UAE. Letoya also kept us entertained and spent a lot of time with the kids. That was an added bonus, and came at the perfect time! Lucy and Lily are very close to our knitting family, especially since we really are far away from the other kind.

I spun this merino single for Letoya...180 yards of fingering weight in a deep plum heathered color. We really liked this one, and it changes according to the light. And it is BEAUTIFUL on Letoya; she can make anything she wants for herself!

Also some handspun for E2K! The one on the bottom is a way-overdue skein of laceweight 2-ply spun from a Spritely Goods "Southwest Sandstone" batt (Merino, Tencel, Firestar and Angelica). The slightly thicker 2-ply in the middle is 100% Tussah Silk (also from Spritely Goods). The top, also a 2-ply but quite a bit loftier, is a combination of Tussah Silk, Merino and other wools, bamboo, Tencel, and maybe other scraps, all in the same color family as the Southwest Sandstone.

This little skein was an experiment of combining one ply of Targhee top dyed by Mountain Colors with one ply of various colors of Merino I had in a bucket by my wheel. It's a little muddy, even worse than this photo makes it look! I spun the rest of the Targhee into singles, but can't find them....let alone photograph them! Did I give them away? I think I just gave it to Steve, but where did it go!? Did he felt it already?

One of Stephanie's newest fiber colors is "Sand and Sea", a brown and blue multi-hue with a bit of sparkle that really and truly captures a day at the beach! Go Spritely Goods! I spun it as a thinnish single (1.9 oz & 276 yds). It is a combo of Merino, bamboo, Tencel, Firestar and Angelica, and I want to knit it RIGHT NOW!! I finished that Bog Jacket!! It's not like 50 people I know are having birthdays in the next two months, immediately followed by those dreadful winter holidays! Not giving this one up-it's all mine! Suggestions, Illanna and other friends, for what I should make with it that isn't a shawl or scarf?

I've been doing quite a bit of spinning in the early mornings lately. It's not all photographed and/or shown here, but here's a little close-up of the skeins I made for E.

And here is an extra photo of Lucy's birthday sweater, this time with her in it! Look here for details....I followed a pattern, knit with actual cotton, and LOVED it! She says it's her favorite sweater, and it really is pretty. Hey Muffy, doesn't Lucy look like Megan here?

So, that is a little about why I had the Best Birthday Ever!!! I didn't even tell you about all of the great things my friends did for me....shawls (yes, plural!), yarn, books, even gourmet cupcakes and Japanese potato candy! Thanks to all of my wonderful family and friends who make every day a good one, and do so much to show me the beauty of the world. I love you all.



We've been playing a bit on Ravelry lately, so you can see more stuff there. In other news, Steve is making more strange & beautiful monsters, Lucy is sewing, Lily made her Domo Frankenstein guy pants out of duct tape, Kiki is making a 19 stitch Noro Kureyon Sock umbilicus on #00 dpn's, and we are still trying to get that mitten update ready!


At 11:37 AM, September 28, 2008, Anonymous Sissy Muffy!! said...

Katie - what a lucky, lucky girl you are! Such awesome and groovy gifts - there is absolutely no way to pick a favorite - they are all fabulous! I just wish I had one little morsel of your families talent! I just keep telling myself that I'm a good cook and that's my talent - ha!ha! - I'm also a good eater and the scales can back me on that one! And yes, Lucy does look like Megan in the pretty pink sweater picture. And Megan looks more and more like you! Especially from the side of the face now since she wears glasses - actually it's pretty scary! She always thought she looked like her dad, but he older she gets she looks more and more like you.

Have a great week - enjoy your birthday goodies and hugs to all!

Love, Muffy

At 8:06 PM, November 10, 2008, Anonymous Sissy Muffy/Aunt Mel said...

OKAAAAAYYYY!! I have been waiting very patiently for pictures from your California trip - especially the Winchester House! Okay, I won't be too pushy - I'm sure you've been waiting for pictures of my sweet grandbabies - I guess we are even! I know when you come home for Christmas you will want to include a little stowaway for your return to AZ- but, sorry to say this grammy would not allow it! I have to see B every single day even if it's only for a few minutes - he is the light of my life!

On another note - I passed my second state teaching exam with extremely high scores! YAYE!!! So they are both complete and passed. Now if I could only find time to finish my portfolio for this semester!

Hope to talk to you soon. Know that I love you guys. Even though I don't have time to write or call, I still think of you everyday and always smile!

Love you - Sissy Muffy

At 4:36 PM, December 23, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mom & dad,
you need to update the blog!

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