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Sunday, July 08, 2007

HLB 12

It's that time of year again.....Happy Lucy's Birthday!!! This is what Lucy did for her sixth birthday, trying to cool down after a long romp in the park with her friends.
Now, Dear Readers, try to think back.....way back to what you were doing 12 years ago?
Kiki was attempting to beat the heat at the pool. The pop-up turkey tester says that Lucy is done. It was VERY difficult to keep smiling that week. It may be 112 degrees here in Scottsdale right now, but back then a week of 104 degrees and 98 percent humidity was enough to make anyone try to induce labor, especially those of us over two weeks overdue.

Lucy finally did make her appearance, all 9 pounds of her. Happy from the first, this is a shot of her smiling in her new home, which was warmer than her previous one (pictured above.....98.6 degrees all the time).

Here she is helping Dad get ready for work. Who has the better comb-over?

And at almost-12, here is our baby, still thrilled with hot weather on her birthday.

Lucy, we hope the weather is good for you today, and that you have plenty of air conditioning for your party.

Look how happy you were at your first one.

Oh, time goes too fast.

We love you, Lucy Jane. HLB.

mom and dad

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Yarn Candy

This is just a quick little post of some recent fiber projects.

Kiki made this 17" square lace out of some leftover sock yarn that J-Dub left on our coffee table. You know, because there is no other yarn in the house. This was a back-to-wool healing project. She was sore after knitting linen and bamboo sweaters. Ahh, the comfort of wool. Of course, the healing could be due to her use of the fantastic bamboo double-points from Spritely Goods. The orange edging is from a never-ending box of Lacy Lamb purchased several years ago in Indianapolis at the Mass Avenue Knit Shop (one of our first high-end yarn purchases). Maybe the secret of its never-ending-ness is that the yarn reproduces in that dark little romantic box.

Steve made this purple checker-board scarf from Needful Yarn's Ceramic (95% Rayon, 5% Ceramic). This yarn feels cool to the touch ("...makes you feel like it's 72 degrees inside your head, all the time"). Steve found it weird to knit with, but he'll try anything once. It does feel cool to wear, but it is more of a "chemically" cool than a natural one. Of course in the AZ summer, even a scarf that cools is still something extra around your neck in 110 degree weather. Maybe better as a tank top?

The girls did some spinning before they left for Indiana. Lucy made this pretty merino & tencel skein.

Lily spun this red merino. Isn't it nice?

Kiki knit some Elizabeth Zimmermann Baby Surprise Jackets for our new twin cousins out of Filati's "Luna Park" washable merino. Each jacket took less than two skeins of this sockweight yarn (210 yards each skein) on size 2 US needles. The pinkish one (color number 202) with a "C" button is for Claire.

This one (color number 203) with the "S" button is for Sam. Probably a good thing they chose Sam & Claire for names, instead of Kiki's suggestion of Sam & Ella.

Kiki also made these almost-thigh-high knee socks. She calls them the "Lasagna socks." The yarn isn't really lasagna, it is one 460 yard skein of Steinbach Wollle "Aktiv Effekt" in color number 50883. Just a simple toe-up stockinette (who would think?) with a twisted-rib top, knit on 00 US dpns.


coming soon - HLB - Happy Lucy's Birthday; Episode 3 - Revenge of the Stitched.