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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wish You Were Here

Update - Read my pretentious artist mumbo jumbo interview here.

I have a gallery show opening tonight at The Artist Within in Muncie, IN. The show consists of Arizona photographs that I've shot over the last 2 1/2 years. Hopefully some of our friends & relatives will stop by to see the show. I will not be attending, and have mixed feelings about not being in Indiana in February. For those of you who are here, or somewhere too far from Muncie, click on the picture above to see the online version of the show. There are also a couple of bonus website only photos, featuring some Winter weather here in sunny Arizona

Coming soon - Knitting content, I promise!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vote For Steve

I have submitted this photo for publication in the magazine JPG, under the topic of Elegance. JPG has a unique approach to publishing their magazine. Photos are submitted to categories & then voted on. They use the votes to help determine what goes in the magazine. If you got a minute, click here and vote for me (you actually will have to click again on the next page to get to the right spot, but blogger wouldn't let me insert the link from JPG).

Thanks for the votes!


coming soon - highlights of Steve's gifts from 35 days for 35 years, an AZ photo show in IN, 2006 favorites

Sunday, January 07, 2007

X-Mas Sweaters & Other Gifts

We know that you've been waiting for our annual gift season knitting round-up. You know, with bated breath and all....but that you gave up long ago because you have come to realize that we are so darned lazy.
Just in time to start documenting this year's birthday gifts and celebrations (Steve and Kiki passed their 13 year milestone of marriage on January 8, and we started Steve's 35 days of birthday parties on the 11th), we offer you this list and post.

Kiki made this one for Lucy from Autunno by DiVe, a line of yarn from the good people at Cascade. The color way is Chrysolite Green.

Self-striping. Soft. Wool. Yummmmm.

Steve took this gorgeous photo of our beautiful's one of my all-time favorites.

Kiki added some ribbing to the sleeves, and to the front edges instead of a button-band. Lucy selected a big button from our antique collection for a closure at the top.

Steve made this tubular sweater for Lily. It has a 3X3 travelling rib that gives a swirling motion. Also a fantastic photo. Look at that green January.

The straps also have the rib. They can be crossed or straight in the back, so it can grow with Lily, who is growing up much too fast. The yarn is Rowan Tapestry. It is a Soy/Wool blend that is also super soft. And hey, in case you were wondering, it felts VERY QUICKLY!!! And beautifully.

The swirling rib can be seen better here in the arm warmers.

Kiki also made the girls these cute toe socks. Lily's are from JaWool yarn.

Lucy's are made from Wildfoote yarn by Brown Sheep Company. Notice the short length. Toe-up sock techniques are good for knitters with a deadline.

Kiki made Steve two pairs of almost-finished socks. She thinks this pair is JaWool, or some other stash sock yarn we had. Boring black and brown, boring stockinette stitch, around and around, 86 stitches, size triple zero dpn's. They may never end.

This pair is from Regia Silk. At least these are on bigger needles, which means fewer stitches.

Kiki received felted bags from each of us. This one Steve made from Nashua Wooly Stripes.

It is supposed to be a Trapezoid-shaped bag. The concept was much better than the result, but it is still usable & a pretty colorway. Perfect for the carrying of that sock knitting.....

Lily made this cool Glasses bag from Brown Sheep Bulky. It has a Fair Isle pair of glasses in pink, giving it the appearance of a head. Like a coconut, all that is missing is the rum drink and tiny umbrella.

Lucy used the Orange Push Pop colorway of Autunno to make Mom this Taco-shaped bag. the handles are from made from bracelets. She included some ribbon & a matching ball of yarn, including some of her own little handspun, so Mom can make some matching accessories.

Lily made this awesome back scratcher for Dad. She used plastic bags, which she knit, rubber bands, and a cast-off knitting needle with no mate. You know, MacGyver style. Steve uses it every single day.

Lucy made this dinosaur awhile back. It went to our nephew Braydon in Indiana for Christmas. She used this Xtreme Knitting pattern. Cascade 220 is the yarn. He was so thrilled, and already put in an order for another.

Lily made the adorable "Huggable Hedgehog" from the Fiber Trends pattern for baby cousin Luke in Indiana. It was enjoyed even more by Luke's dad! She used Cascade 220 for the front & held it with some mohair for the back.

Steve made this crazy Cow, now named Annabelle by niece Cali, the recipient back on the farm in Indiana. I used my self-stuffing technique with Brown Sheep Bulky to sculpt the Cow.

Knit Picks Palette was used to add the feet, eyes, lashes, nose, tongue, and udder. No pattern, just my idea of what a cow looks like.

Kiki made these fair isle hats for her dad & stepdad.

They are made from Mission Falls 1824, along with some Nashua Superwash.

Steve made this swirling fair isle hat with ear flaps. It is made from Karaoke and was for our nephew Connor from New Jersey.

Here is the top view.

Kiki made this fair isle hat for Grandma Comer using Cascade 220 and Lush. Sometimes we are jealous of our own knitting, and of people who live in places where such things are actually practical.

This bag is from the One Skein book. Kiki added a cell phone pouch. It was given to Sister Muffy. The yarn is Brown Sheep Bulky. Muffy (aka Mel) turned 40 this year. We're telling tales out of school, as they used to say (back long long ago when she was a kid). She calls herself "Your favorite sister, Muffy", and we can say it is indeed true. You know, since she's the only one who reads the blog.

This felted basket, from Berroco Foliage yarn, was a gift for Kiki's sister Mandy. Steve knit and felted it, and dried it around a fancy Ziploc container for shaping (this is a good hint, and has to serve as our knitting technique and pattern information for this post).

Lucy made this Baby Kimono from the Mason Dixon book. It was for baby cousin Chloe back in Indiana. The yarn is Encore.

These baby socks were for baby Emma, the youngest employee at Tempe Yarn & Fiber.

Lily made this doll poncho for cousin Ashley, another Hoosier relative. The yarn is Frisky.

Kiki made this lace for Steve's mom. The pattern is Kiki's and the yarn is mystery mohair. One day this summer, she saw a piece of Kiki's lace and said, "You can make lace?!?!?! People MAKE lace?" I thought that comment/compliment deserved a little something.

Lily made Grandma a cell phone cozy. It was such a hit, Grandpa has put in his order for one for his birthday in March.

Lily's secret pal at school received this felted lily. The pattern is from the new Domiknitrix book, which is Lily's new favorite.

Lucy made this great tie for Grandpa. It was delivered in Indiana, with the other gifts, by the girls this December. They had a great time, despite 24 hr flu and seeing no snow. Guess we'll have to make that trip to the mountains.

Coming soon - Anniversary socks that are similar to the ones above, only longer; 35 years & 35 days - a belated HSB post; AZ photo show in IN; 2006 Favorites. Yadda, yadda, Yoda.