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Monday, December 18, 2006

A Pattern & A Party

We have posted a new pattern to LGStitched Episode 2. It is the Striped Felted Vase above. Sorry, no pattern for the flower. The vase would make a great last minute X-mas gift, as it is a quick knit. Be sure to allow time for drying. If you are strapped for time & live out here in AZ, you can always put it in the dash of your car on a sunny day to speed along the drying. Your car will smell like wet sheep, but at least your felting will be dry. I'm sure our minivan will be smelling a little sheepy next week.

You all remember that I promised updates to Episode 2 throughout the holiday season. And you are thinking, "but Steve, this is the first update since October." I did tell you that our holiday season started with Halloween, but I forgot to mention it went through Easter. Don't believe me? Check out our bookshelf featuring the decorations of the season - bunnies, ghosts, candy canes, angels, and even a pirate ship (can't forget talk like a pirate day). So, keep an eye out for more holiday updates to Episode 2, but don't be surprised if the next one isn't until Spring.

(by the way, if you would like to borrow "Introduction to Operations Research" just let me know. I hear the fifth edition was one of the best.)

We have a good excuse for not posting more often, we've been too busy knitting.

Lily finished off the birthday season by knitting this cute Husky Pup for a friend. This is from one of our favorite books, "World of Knitted Toys" by Kath Dalmeny.

We also had a holiday party for the regulars of the AZ chapter of the International Knit Circle. We met at Cafe Carumba (Voted Scottsdale's Best Restaurant 2006, by the LG Collective) a couple of weeks ago.

Lucy & Lily got the party started with some fun games.

Here Illanna looks like a pro at Knitting Bingo.

But Celeste brought home the first prize. Lucy made this cute little felted creature. It just happens to be the colors to be used in Celeste's wedding. Wouldn't it be a great cake topper?

Illanna had no competition in the "Name That Yarn" game. She took home this felted vessel that I made as part of my B&W phase. Looks a little "Beetlejuicy" don't ya think?

Kiki made everyone a miniature sweater as a place marker. These are made of Cascade Fixation. The girls also made goodie bags including a hand-made scrap book, but bad dad forgot to get pictures.

We had a great time exchanging Secret Pal gifts, and guessing who made what.

Lily received these great socks (with a separate big toe compartment) from Erika.

Erika was the recipient of this awesome poodle wine cozy & wine from Jessica.

Jessica took home this fabulous hand made bag, courtesy of Mel.

Mel received all these gifts, including the crocheted sheep with Bling from Jen (better photo available at Jen's blog)

Jen got to take home hand-dyed, hand-knit socks, along with some other goodies from Stephanie.

Stephanie's gift is not the great shawl on her shoulders, she made that. I made her the sock knitting bag in her hands. It comes complete with dpn holder and poppy photo (better pictures available at Stephanie's blog).

Pam crocheted me this fantastic sock monkey. He is wearing a pair of pants that have a hole for the tail!

Lily gave Pam arm warmers, some hand-spun yarn and "Domiknitrix" by Jennifer Stafford, Lily's favorite new book.

Celeste received this modified Ballet-T from Lucy. Lucy also made her the matching personalized wristband.

Kiki made sure Celeste's mini-sweater matched the rest of her ensemble.

Celeste made Lucy these great slippers and needle case. She even included some of Lucy's favorite yarn.

Illanna found some great black & white yarn (not pictured) for Letoya and knit her those incredible socks, draped over her shoulder. For better pics, see Illanna's blog (Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, Illanna is back to blogging!).

Kiki knit Illanna this candy sweater. It says "Knitting Is For Grandmas" on the front,

and "Would You Like Some Hard Candy?" on the back.

Kiki received this vacuum and pom-pom maker from Letoya. Letoya obviously has been to our apartment and knows we can use a vacuum more than yarn! She also made her a beautiful hair pin, but you can't see it in this picture, sorry.

Bernice was away traveling when we exchanged names, but was able to make it to the party to add to the great atmosphere.

In case you were wondering, the girls socks & slippers fit great!

Thanks everyone for a great party & for making AZ feel a little more like home every Friday night. I know everyone enjoyed their making, giving & receiving their gifts. I think we all feel like we got the iPod!

Of course we know Erika did. The true "iPod" is the gift of friendship that we all share, but the poodle is a much funnier picture for the end.


Coming Soon - Nothing, too many unfinished gifts.