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Thursday, September 14, 2006


Tonight I updated a little bit of the new photo section on our website, LGShot.

Under the fresh section, I added photos taken this summer while Dave, a.k.a. Cute David, was in town.

The best place we went was the Petrified Forrest National Park. Check out the cool petrified wood pictures.

We also chased a lot of sunsets, and even managed to catch a few.

The pictures are pretty much your run-of-the-mill AZ photos, but at least I have something more recent than 2003 on the website now. I still managed to do some weird stuff every once in a while, even with nature shots.

Speaking of weird, this is my favorite part of the new photo site. You'll see a lot of it.



Coming soon - Birthday gifts, Un-Secret Pals, and a few words from Kiki

Saturday, September 09, 2006

HKB 06 - Happy Kiki's Birthday


Let's hope today is better than HKB #2.

Happy Birthday! We love you!

Steve, Lucy & Lily

Thursday, September 07, 2006

LGStitched Episode 0

We have gathered up all of your old favorite LGS free patterns and tutorials, and put them under LGStitched Episode 0. We've also made a few improvements to what was out there.

Common headers for easier (hopefully) navigation.
A photo index of fiber related blog entries from 2005.

You will now see html versions of all the patterns, no need for acrobatics.
The Cali pattern now includes the steve remix.

Kiki's essay on color is now available outside the blog.

Also included are a few specials in the Episode 0 shop.

The Henri pattern is now available for purchase on its own.
Episode 0 is available in printed form (the binder formerly known as The Official Luscious Gracious Complete Organizational System) for a special low price. Buy both Episode 0 & Episode 1 for an even better deal.
While we were at it, we added an LGStitched cover page (including a sneak preview picture from episode 2). Finally, be sure to check out our new home page featuring this modified picture of petrified wood, and our new Inked, Stitched, Told, Shot, Hung, Sold menu choices. Eventually we will get around to updating the other content that they point to, but enjoy what we have updated for now.

Coming soon - Secrets revealed, something photo related, more Saturday Night Fever, and of course, a very HKB

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fashion Aspects of Target Bags

Target bags are no longer just for transporting your groceries and bought items home! Apparently there is a new fashion breakthrough. Target bags can be easily transformed into a dress or a vest for you or your doll! How so, you ask? Well, just follow these simple directions below.

Take a larger Target bag and cut off the bottom. Fashion a belt and voila!

Take a regular size Target bag and cut off the bottom.

Doll Dress

Take a strip of your Target bag big enough to wrap around your doll. Take another strip for a belt and another for sleeves. Tie up.

(hat courtesy of the great Pam!)

Here are some comments from locals about the fashion breakthrough!

"I can't believe it is a Target bag!" says Steve.

"I think I'll make one in every color! says Lily.

"Just the thing for those cool Arizona afternoons," says Pam.

"Who knew the most stylish item in target would be the bag! Take that Isaac Mizrahi!" Says Mel.

There you have it folks, the fast, easy, waterproof way to make fashionable clothing. I'm Lucy - the designer, model, and your faithful reporter for LusciousGraciousNews.

P.S. The doll pictured is still in need of a name. Please give me a few more suggestions. Ippolyti, I'm waiting for your suggestion.