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Saturday, May 27, 2006

More Gifts & Spinning - Post #98

Wow, has it really been since May 5th since we posted? It has been a crazy few weeks for the LG family involving lots of work, leaks, floods, rare blood disorders, and identity theft. But this blog is about what we've made, so let's play a little catch up. First some recent LusciousGracious gifts.

Kiki made this wristband for her youngest sister who recently gave birth to baby Waylon! Congratulations Mandy! Both of these yarns are handspun; the red is actually the first thing that Kiki made on her new wheel.

She also made Waylon the "baby bolero" from OneSkein, but we didn't take a picture before we sent it off to Indiana. It pretty much looks like the one in the book since she used organic cotton to make it. Yes, you read that correctly, Kiki followed a pattern & used cotton in the same project. Waylon, you don't know how rare that sweater is!

We sent this hat to our friend Stephanie in Michigan. It was a group project. All of the LGs, plus Illanna, E2K, Pam, Letoya, J-Dub (ever start that blog?), Jenny, Melanie & Stephanie added their good vibes. The blue is a bit of leftover "Lush" angora/wool from the shawl that we sent to Stephanie this winter, and the red is Naturewool (we think) that we love....

Here is Lily modeling it in the pool, while it was still cold enough to wear it in Michigan.

Kiki made this fabulous purse for our dear Letoya. It is made from many items from Letoya.

Letoya picked up this crazy yarn at Goodwill. There was only one skein of this 72% Polypropylene, 28% Polymide yarn and Kiki couldn't wait to see how it knit up.

Lucy received these pajama bottoms from Letoya a while back. They were a little long, so she cut off the bottom of each leg. Kiki used that fabric to line the purse.

We had bought this belt with Letoya a few months ago. It made the perfect handles.

Letoya had given Illanna several sequins, Kiki picked these to finish the purse.

I made this Fair Isle needle case cozy for Kiki. It is from Cascade 220 scraps done in a similar fashion to Kiki's color work sweater.

Kiki has had this case forever, but it has no clasp to keep it shut. So I made her the cover. I designed the Fair Isle pattern, but I'm sure it isn't anything new.

Kiki uses the case to hold her dpns when they are not attached to the million socks she is knitting lately. Remember this hand-dyed yarn? It finally found a home. Check out what plans 'Zann has for it.

Our favorite crochet artist, Pam, recently took up knitting and the girls made her some gifts to celebrate. Not that there is anything wrong with crochet. Lily made her this lovely wristband.

Lucy made her these cool stitch markers. Kiki wondered why they said MAP.

Kiki gave Pam knitting groceries. Since we always believe that yarn comes before groceries, we wanted to get Pam off to the right start. The grocery bag included needles disguised as noodles & oatmeal and some real tea & chocolate that every knitter needs. Also there were these hand-dyed yarns in an apple box.

The best grocery item was the eggs. A full dozen hand-spun yarns! Welcome to the wonderful world of knitting, Pam! Not that there is anything wrong with crochet.

Speaking of spinning, Kiki named her wheel. Meet Lotte Faye.

Here are some of the recent yarns that Kiki has spun.

Now that we have a wheel in the family, Lily decided to learn to spin too. She took a class at Tempe Yarn and Fiber. Here is her first handspun!

Lily also made this hand-spun during class.

Lucy has been working with the drop-spindle. She will take classes for the wheel this summer. Meanwhile, check out this lovely yarn on the spindle, plus some fiber to come next.

Our third daughter, Illanna, has also caught the spinning bug. Here are a few balls she spun up with Lotte Faye's help the other day, while Kiki was at work.



Coming soon - If I build the camera bag will the camera come? Plus, don't forget about the post #100 Spectacular!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Is 31 pictures too many for 1 post? - #97

Kiki says no & is making me post them all. The first 29 photos are from the Desert Botanical Garden. I took these Cacti & Butterfly photos last Sunday. The Butterflies are there through the 14th, so go now!

Cranberry sauce cactus, you know, the kind from the can.

My favorite.

Kiki just happens to be spinning up some yarn in these colors.

When commenting, please remember that this is a family blog.

These next two pictures are of Kiki's first yarn on her new wheel. Still working on a name. It was so much easier with the girls.


coming soon - more knitted gifts & handspun fibers, plus the post # 100 extravaganza!