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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Halloween, Birthdays, & Secret Pals

Happy Halloween! Lucy & Lily are getting ready for our favorite holiday by making decorations. Lily made the tissue paper ghosts and some finger-knit spider webs. Both girls made this awesome banner of felted Fair Isle letters!

We are still celebrating lots of birthdays in our knitting circle. Stephanie's was a while back, but Lily recently gave her this belated pouch made from grocery bags.

For Jen's birthday, Kiki made this beautiful Fair Isle hat from Fixation. Steve felted a striped vase from Lopi.

Here Lily models Jen's hat. Better pics can be seen over at Jen's blog.

Kiki also knit these fixation socks for a baby of one of Steve's co-workers.

For Bernice's birthday, Kiki spun this yarn from one of Stephanie's batts.

Steve also made Bernice a striped vase. This one is made of Noro. Steve is in love with short rows.

Lucy made this lovely bracelet for Bernice out of Kid Silk Haze.

For Pam's birthday, Lucy made this cool Karaoke scarf. This was her first crochet project in honor of Pam, our resident crochet queen.

Kiki knit Pam a bowl of cheetos. This bowl/bag is made of Cascade 220.

When reversed it resembles the anemone bag in the Knit Two Together book, which was Kiki's inspiration.

Lily also gave Pam her first crochet project. This robot has removable boots, an i-pod with headphones & a pumpkin hat to join Pam's minions for Halloween. Thanks to Jen for the crochet lessons last week.

Remember the One Skein Secret Pal exchange? We finally sent our last gift, so we can post about it. Here Lucy shows off the goodies received from secret pal TeAnte. Thanks for the goodies! She sent lots of gorgeous yarn during the swap (Manos, anyone?) and this felted bag is her first knit project in a long time. She got sidetracked with the beading, but hopefully she's back on track now that she remembers just how good knitting can be.

As a thank you gift, Lucy sent TeAnte this handspun yarn. We also sent her one of Stephanie's batts, as TeAnte is a beginning spinner, and we want to encourage that fiber fetish!

Lily sent her secret pal, Jen, this cupcake with her blog name "No Fear Knitting" in Fair Isle. The cupcake is one of the cutest projects in the One Skein book, and Lily made it her own by charting out the design and knitting it up.

Kiki finally finished her gift for secret pal Suzie, better late than never. It is a Random Lace shawl.

Here is a close-up. Sorry for the bad photos, they don't do it justice. Kiki and the girls dyed the yarn with Kool-Aid.

Lucy finished her piece on time. This piece of Random Lace was framed and sent to Suzie along with Mom's shawl.

Thanks secret pals! We had fun getting to know a few more knitters!


Coming Soon - A post with fewer than 17 pictures?, LG Stitched Episode 2


At 2:53 PM, October 30, 2006, Anonymous Jaclyn said...

Happy Halloween HH family! I meant to send you a snail mail card, but I forgot. :(

I have been knitting more (knitted gifts for a lucky few this year) and I've been thinking of you.


At 9:16 PM, November 10, 2006, Blogger TeAntae said...

Love all the great pictures! Kiki, that blue yarn you spun is to die for, WOW! And the striped vase Steve made is simply amazing. The bowl of cheetos made me giggle out loud. Too funny. =)

Yes, I'm back on tracking and have split my time between beading and knitting. Two projects on the needles at the moment. One an extremely PINK hooded baby blanket for my niece-in-law's (is that right?) new baby girl. And remember those socks I said I was going to try? Well, after numerous amounts of frogging, I'm still trying. Pictures when there's enough on the circulars to tell what it is.

I'll use that gorgeous batt you sent once I get better control with my practice stuff.

Love to you and your family. =)


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