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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gifts Received & To Give + Contest Update

**Update #2 - The contest page appears to be working again. Thanks Yahoo! for making a second change to this function of webhosting without telling me! Anyway, if you already e-mailed, no need to send again (unless you are unsure of your answers). If you didn't e-mail, go enter now. Just because one person now has them all right doesn't guarantee a win. There is still the bonus question, and if multiple people get them all right this week, we will randomly pick a winner.**

Let me start this post with an apology for the quality of the pictures. I am a big fan of natural light in photography. Unfortunately, when it is 115 degrees those outside photo shoots are limited to about 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Sometimes we don't even make it outside. So forgive me if the quality is lacking. It's just too damn hot.

A belated thank you to our One Skein secret pals for our June skeins! Kiki & Lucy's secret pal sent Lucy this Debbie Bliss "Pure Silk", because it seemed to fit Kiki's description of Lucy. Wow, how luxurious. Lucy, any ideas of how to use it yet?

Lily & I received this great skein of Berroco "Hip-Hop"! Lily - what do you think, maybe a jellyfish?

She also sent us these delicious Huckleberry Jellybeans! Even the monkey liked them. Thanks!

Speaking of Berroco "Hip-Hop", here is an unfinished bag I have been working on since last fall. It is made using Hip-Hop and Noro "Daria", and I hope to finish it soon thanks to the Stress-Busters Association at Tempe Yarn & Fiber. This group encourages everyone to begin their holiday knitting now, and to actually finish items before the holiday. Jen & Terry even let us list our unfinished objects to help us get them done. After all, even a gift to yourself is a gift!

I also listed this bag that uses wire as the straps. Yes, I go to the hardware store on occasion, it might be to buy purse accessories, but that doesn't take away the manliness of it, does it? I've also been known to visit the hardware store when building robots.

This bag has one of my crocheted swirl ends. I just need to finish attaching the straps, add a zipper and lining (maybe).

Here is another nearly-finished bag. This time I used the swirl on the lid, and it felted into this fancy sombrero-looking thing. This one just needs a handle, closure, and lining.

It seems Kiki might be making a lot of pink and brown gifts. She recently spun this 70% merino 30% silk that Illanna brought back from Angora Cottage Yarns at Stitches. The pink is merino from Tempe Yarn and Fiber. She wants to use it to trim the tweedy stuff.

In addition to all the Spritely Goods we showed on the last post, Kiki recently purchased this lovely pink and brown batt,

and this pink and brown roving. If you haven't checked out Stephanie's new Spritely Goods shop, go there right now! She has more than just pinks and browns. Go ahead, we'll wait, come back & read about the contest after you've shopped.

Hopefully this new club at TYF will help us get our gifts finished quickly. It is amazing what the power of peer pressure and a little competition can push you to accomplish.

Speaking of competition, how about that contest update?

Some of you may know that we have contest to go along with the music episode of LGStitched. The prize is pictured above. Yes, it is a felted record of LGStitched episode 1. The b-side is "Shockadelica", of course, because there will never be a better b-side. So all you have to do to win is name the artists that sing the songs we've used as menu titles. Pretty simple, right? Well, so far no one has them all correct. There is one song that is a common title and has been sung by several artists. You have to guess the one that WE like, because that's what really matters. If you can't get that one right, you could always answer the bonus question in the Sense of Sound essay. Just send your answer to

Or if you are totally stumped, you could always go after the booby prize. It may be something like this poor first attempt at a felted circle. To win the booby prize, just make up funny answers. Make us laugh and you might win.

So we will give you another week to enter the contest, and here are a few hints to help you out.

1. We are not fans of the Goo Goo Dolls

2. Apparently Johnny Rzeznik is a guitar player and singer for the Goo Goo Dolls. See hint #1. (to learn more about Johnny Rzeznik, take this quiz to see which of his guitars you are. I couldn't get the picture of the one I am to show, but based on the name, that was probably a good thing.)

3. Depending on the words entered in your Google search, the correct answer might be as many as 10 pages back.

If you've already entered, give it another try. If you haven't entered, now's your chance. And if you are just plain bored, make us laugh and you can still win. Try to beat Illanna!


p.s. No offense intended toward Goo Goo Dolls fans. Don't hate us because we have better taste than you do.

coming soon - Sweaters, Lace & the much anticipated contest results.


At 4:17 PM, July 16, 2006, Blogger J.Reilly said...

I love love LOVE the wire purse handles - what an awesome idea! How did you stick the cut ends together/fasten it?

At 5:53 PM, July 17, 2006, Blogger Stephanie said...

lol - that purse is fantastic! and the wires match perfectly!

oooh. And an LG felted record? An amazing prize! looks like I have to go enter that contest *again* if I want to win!


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