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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

Oh, Stephen and his catchy titles...
In case you were wondering, this is what a nice pound of fiber looks like. It is hand-dyed, and was purchased at Tempe Yarn and Fiber. Merino, and dyed and carded by someone....Terry told me who, but I have forgotten. And I forgot to tell her that I forgot when I saw her tonight. Grrrrr....memory.

Anyway, it is the prettiest stuff on the earth, and perfect for spring. Locals, though, don't get excited, you can't go get some. I bought it all. There are other colors, and about a hundred other choices of spinnable fibers at TYandF though, so hurry on down. We mean it. It is the best little yarn store for all spinning goodness. And owners Terry and Jen not only LET you play on the spindles and wheels, they almost force you into it (in a good way). I had always thought that I wouldn't be able to use a wheel because I cannot sit in an upright position for very long, but Terry hooked me right up with the Kromski "Minstrel", which is sooooo perfect. I can even spin on it for over an hour on my bad days, which is saying a lot.
I still like my Hello Yarn drop spindle. Especially until I can afford a wheel at home (please, Mr. TaxMan....). See here? I have spun about 500 yds. on the spindle, and another 150 yds. on the wheel, and my spinning is fairly consistent, even when switching back and forth from one to the other. All of that wool, and there is still so much more on the big ball....It seems to be magic favorite kind. I hope to get a twin set out of it.

It's amazing what that batt looks like when spun. I wasn't expecting all of the sorbet-like goodness. It always makes me want sugar....spun sugar and spring time.

Here's the little swatch, knit on size US 2 needles. I carry it in my purse to pet and show off to other knitters and spinners. "Regular" people, strangely, think I am crazy. Imagine.

When we visited our local fiber show a couple of weekends ago, I purchased this little bag of 8 colors of wool. These are the hues of a desert sunset. I was going to spin them all separately, then make a striped vest or something. But I spun a little sample ball first, and liked it too much.

Here's a sample of the skeins I've been making.

And here is the same spun yarn knitted into another swatch. Maybe I'll just make swatches. I like the appearance of the singles. I did some plying, but the striping wasn't nearly as interesting, so I am sticking to this. Still for a vest, I think.
And here comes something you'll really enjoy.

This lovely green number is a bit off one of my Stephanie batts (this one is "Bursage", and the mixture of greens and sparkle is perfect). We were able to see Stephanie give a little talk tonight about her drum carder, also at TYandF. She is such a pro, and everything she does is gorgeous. Check out her shop, and don't worry about saving any for me, I got some more tonight. It is so pretty, but I am NOT going to show it to you, no matter how hard you cry.....I may actually use it for a surprise. For someone. If I don't forget before I get around to it. Remind me, huh? After all, it could be for YOU!

And how does every nine-year-old spend his or her birthday money? Hand made spindles, of course!!! Lily purchased this one at TYandF (seeing a pattern here?). Terry's son makes them by hand, and Lily's new jewel is nice and heavy, with a beautiful inlaid design. These spindles are works of art, and Lily is no fool. She knows a good thing when she sees it. She is having a blast learning more about spinning. Daddy Steve even had to learn the basics so he could help out.....I get "flustrated" more quickly than I should, and am not a very good teacher. Terry, however, has the patience of a saint, and is a born teacher. Every single time we go there, we all learn at least one thing. Tonight, thanks to Stephanie, we learned that a drum carder is better left in the hands of the professionals. Just as long as she keeps making the pretty stuff, we'll keep buying it...

Lily is still in that gorgeous "thick and thin" stage of knitting. She and Lucy produce some awesome fiber, and I really do wish that I could be a better guide to them, mostly so I could take some of the credit.
I DID manage to start them on a wheel. Pedaling and drafting and STILL pedaling was lost on them at first, but they started to get it after we were all sore in the leg from keeping the wheel going. This little skein is the result of that evening. Gee, I miss vodka.

Enjoy one for me, huh?

Knit on,



At 10:14 AM, April 13, 2006, Anonymous Jaclyn said...

All the yarn is gorgeous. I especially like the cotton candy looking yarn. :)


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