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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Watch Out For Snakes!

I made this snake for my nephew Connor. When he was out here over the holidays he was fascinated by the Checkered Garter Snake in his Easy Field Guide To Southwestern Snakes. So after I built a monkey for Lily, I thought I'd give a snake building a try.

I had a black and white drawing in the book and a description to go by. I started with an I-cord tail and then knit back & forth until it was big enough to fit on my 8" circular needles. I knit the rest in the round splitting again for a little bit for the decreases by the neck. The yellow was added later with crochet. The eyes were embroidered post-felt. The picture above is pre-felt.

I love to felt everything & wasn't sure how best to do that with this snake. Do I stuff it & then felt or stuff it after & sew it up then? I didn't do either. Instead I came up with Steve's Self- Stuffing Felted Snake Technique. Here's how it works. I made the snake wider than needed. Once finished, I used the mattress stitch from one side to the other gathering the extra stitches into the inside of the snake. Next time I'll take pictures and describe it better. One word of caution on this technique - make sure to dry thoroughly as you have wet wool inside the snake, not a problem here in the desert, but maybe elsewhere.

This picture and the top one are post-felt. I used Cascade 220 for the Yellow & Black, some cool snake colored yarn that Letoya brought back from Stitches for the rest. I thought the coloring turned out pretty good considering I didn't see a color version of the snake until after it was all done. Here is a picture.

Lily received a couple of other hand-made goodies for her birthday. Mel made her this felted rock.

Pam crocheted her this Hermit Crab. His name is Crazy Joe. Sometime we'll have to make him some puppets.

Joe can come out of his shell!

Joe likes to climb on the rock.

Lucy wanted to post a couple pictures of her "Century of Progress" on her cabled sweater.

She is ready for the sleeves! Isn't that cable cool? And how about those stitch markers!


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At 10:17 AM, April 12, 2006, Blogger Mel said...

That snake is so cool. It's one of the only snakes I'm not afraid of. I'm sure your nephew will love it. Lucy, your sweater is looking beautiful. I love the yarn color and the cable.


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