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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Steve's First Socks

We are soooo proud.
He did it. Himself. As in, "all alone".
Well, for the most part.
Tah dah!
Steve's FIRST pair of socks. And like everything else that he knits, the yarn is not-so-shabby. Thanks to a luxuriuous holiday gift from Illanna, these beauties are made from two skeins of 100% baby camel yarn, which is indeed made from the hair of baby camels (I only asked about a million times). The yarn is Clasic Elite "Blithe" and it is perfect for socks (and as an added bonus Steve enjoys calling them his "Camel Toe Socks"). They are so soft, and the colors are very muted and traditional. Great for dressy wear. Or for like today, with shorts and a tee-shirt (and the fish bag, how manly). At least he doesn't wear socks with sandals - (cough**CuteDavid*coughcough).

The sock pattern is the one that I made up one time, and continue to use almost exclusively, with variations thrown in for cables or colorwork, or for length. But always toe-up, always (for me) both at the same time. Steve made his one at a time, just to see if he liked socks, and liked this yarn as socks. Yes and yes. I laughed at him the entire way through sock number one, sure that he would be struck with a crippling case of SSS, but nooooo. He started on, and finished, sock number two in record time. He's trying to beat Stephanie as she goes for the gold! His two socks are even the same size (unlike the only pair I attempted to do separately).

Just so you know, he finished them so quickly due to what has been called "The Great Kiki Laundry Strike of 2006". I'm not really on strike, but his socks were a move toward self-preservation. Have cold feet and no clean laundry? Knit some socks. And besides, I still have clean clothes, so I'm not worried.

One skein of this yarn still remains. I am hoping to make a small pair of my own "Camel Toe Socks", but I just know Steve will have it knitted into something and probably felted before I get a chance.

Remember when we said that we couldn't post because everything we were knitting was a big, dark secret? Well, one such secret has been revealed. Cynthia received her going-away package this week. It was only 2 months late. It's not still cold enough for the first item, but maybe she'll get "lucky" with a rainy day soon.

I designed and knitted this sweater for her out of Mission Falls 1824 wool. She is perhaps the most sophisticated woman I have ever met, and I really fretted about this gift. I wanted classy, and let's be realistic here, shall we? My usual knits and clothing do not scream, "Take me to the opera!" unless you mean as a costume....But I was pretty happy with how this one turned out, and it seems to fit, which was also worrying me. I'm not so good with the sizing thing, either. And in case you think I'm some sort of genius who knits successful sweaters for people in secret without them knowing or trying them on or even measuring them, let me tell you something. I knit an entire OTHER sweater for her first. In the time period between the body and the sleeves, winter set in, as did my arthritis. The sleeves were so tight that Jack Skellington couldn't have worn them, and the body was too big for Oogie Boogie. My gauge is all over the place lately! I ripped it out, as it was not only comical, but also NOT classy, NOT sophisticated, and definitely NOT Cynthia!

Here's a little close-up of the cable bottom, and the double seed stitch black stripe connecting it to the body of the sweater.

And this is what else lined her package.

This tote bag is an original work from Stephen. It's hemp yarn, and his own Fair Isle design. This was only his second Fair Isle project. Remember, he learned how from the Kate pattern, which is free for now along with Crazy 8's. It took Steve 5 attempts to settle on a design he deemed "Cynthia - worthy". All started as pink and grey and swirly, but they just weren't right until this one emerged (thanks to his fine skills with Excel - AND bowhunting) & then magically fit the bag we already had. The bag is lined with a water-proof document zipper bag from the office supply section of Target. We want Cynthia to be able to use it as a portfolio, as she is an artist and art teacher. AND she works for the circus, in the costume department! Can you beat that with a stick? That's right, she ran away from her knitting family and joined the circus!

The LG girls even stuffed the bag with art to make sure it would work. Here is Lily's "Next in Line" featuring sheep to be sheared. Look at that poor, naked sheep on the right. Do you think he's cold? Maybe we should knit him a sweater. I really love the sheepy clouds, too.

Lucy did a nice watercolor "Water Lily" that takes my breath away. And Cynthia is right, we did see some gorgeous water lilies at Balboa Park in San Diego. The girls spent many, many days with Cynthia drawing and knitting, and talking about what matters in life. She has been a very good influence on the creative life of our family, and we miss her very much. It is hard to find people with such quiet grace and poise, even more rare is her ability to act as mentor to so many different people from such diverse backgrounds. Her support about the important things (art, child-rearing, friendship, and patience) smoothed most of the bumps out of our move out West. That and a great deal of shared chocolate! We hope that she finds a new knitting family in her new home that gives her just as much. And we also hope that she knows that we can't wait to see her this spring!

To see more about Cynthia's package, and what else she is up to, click here.

Until next time, hold close the ones who make your life rich,

and knit on,




At 5:18 PM, February 21, 2006, Blogger Stephanie said...

omgoddness :D all of the knitting is so lovely!
Congratulations to Steve on his first pair of socks - they look Wonderful! I love the cables on the sweater :) so original in design! Thank goodness for the recent cold snap down here - it got me a sweater-worthy day! The fair isle bag is also stupendous, and the artwork from the girls - perfect!


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