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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

Here in LusciousGraciousLand we are just as busy as the rest of you knitters, knitting away on holiday gifts (only for Knitters & Babies of course - see previous post). That means we don't have anything we can show... yet. So for this post, most likely the last one of the year, we are going to highlight our favorite LG product, with its newly upgraded content!

The Official LusciousGraciousStudios Complete Organizational System has just been updated with the recently released free patterns. You can buy it here. If you are one of the trendsetters that already has one of our lovely binders, we have a specially-priced update for you to purchase here too. (If you are Alison, no need to buy the update, we are sending you one as your "Monkey Identification Prize"!). I know what you are thinking. "Why buy The Official LusciousGraciousStudios Complete Organizational System when it mostly contains stuff that is free on your website?" There are countless reasons. We even counted the top ten for you.

10. Original, one-of-a-kind, signed covers created exclusively for you by all 4 members of LusciousGracious. Some samples of previous covers are shown throughout this post.

9. Forty-plus pages of LGS knitting goodness at your fingertips.

8. Portable packaging makes for great poolside (or fireside, if you aren't from around here) knitting. No more mouse clicks between stitches.

7. Seven patterns! Including this super cool one only available in The Official LusciousGraciousStudios Complete Organizational System.

6. Keep Steve from crying every time he thinks of one of our patterns printed on "regular" paper. The Official LusciousGraciousStudios Complete Organizational System contains only high quality printouts with archival photo paper and ink. In addition, each page is protected in its own sleeve (also archival), and we even throw in some extra sleeves for you to use as you please.

5. Collected hints and tips from the blog archives are all in one place. This includes recent entries on color and gift giving.

4. Extra Goodies! You never know what special items created in LusciousGraciousStudios will come your way. Past packages have included notecards, stickers, and personalized notions.

3. Learn from the tutorials on Felting, Kool-Aid Dyeing, and other techniques without searching our website. Take it with you while you are creating masterpieces of your own.

2. Help support our yarn addiction (and our website).

1. The Official LusciousGraciousStudios Complete Organizational System makes a great gift for your favorite knitter (i.e. "YOU"), even if that person has yet to discover the world of LusciousGracious.

Happy Holidays! Blog You Next Year,