11 Things About Stephen Hartley


1.            Age : “Too Young To Hold On, Too Old To Just Break Free And Run” – Jeff Buckley

2.            Grade : 50% - Not The Same As 2:1 Slope

3.            Hobbies : Napping, Knitting, & General Procrastination

4.            Inspirations : Films, Music, Flowers, My Family, Mathematics, Humor, Love, & Catherine’s Poetry

5.            What I Want To Be When I Grow Up : Bum – It has been my aspiration since early childhood.

6.            Favorite Art Forms : To Do – Photography & Knitting

To Look At – Surrealist Film & Photography

7.            Favorite Place To Be : Bed, & NYC

8.            Someday I Hope To Visit : Greece, Italy, Argentina, Japan, & Hong Kong

9.            Favorite Artists : Man Ray for his vision, Wong Kar-Wai for his emotion, David Lynch for his fearlessness, Frida Kahlo for her idea of beauty, David LaChapelle for his humor, Ellen Von Unwerth for her sexuality, & Catherine J. Hall for her love and words

10.    Favorite Music :  Beck – Guero & Sea Change, Angels of Light – New Mother, His Name Is Alive – Someday My Blues Will Cover the Earth, GoldfrappBlack Cherry, Tricky – Nearly God, Prince – After He Sucked (Purple Rain) and Before He Sucked Again (Diamonds & Pearls), Tom Waits – Bone Machine forward, Nick Cave – No More Shall We Part, The Kills, The White Stripes, Terence Trent D’Arby,  is that enough?  

11.    Book That Changed My Life : Light Is Like Water (from Strange Pilgrims) by Gabriel Garcia Marquez – I even made a picture about it


Random Facts From Steve

Favorite Song – Tie Kangaroo by Big Star  and Pigpen by Vinny Miller


Favorite Yarn – Point 5 by Colinette


Least Favorite Yarn – Isis also by Colinette


Favorite Movies – 2046, In The Mood For Love, Lost Highway, The Big Lebowski, Pi, Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Frida, Fight Club, Under The Cherry Moon, Dr. Strangelove, Eyes Wide Shut, 28 Days Later, Dead Man, and Nightmare Before Christmas,


Favorite Places In Cyberspace – www.davidlynch.com – The daily weather report alone makes it worth the price




Steve’s Photos
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