11 Things About Lucy Jane Hall Hartley

1. Age : 10

2. Grade : 5

3. Hobbies : Knitting, Reading, Acting, Looking In The Mirror, & Singing

4. Inspirations : Color, Knitting, Sound, & Language

5. What I Want To Be When I Grow Up : Linguistic Anthropologist I am always asking myself why a word is what it is.

6. Favorite Art Form : Drama, Writing, Drawing, & Knitting

7. Favorite Place To Be : In A Book

8. Someday I Hope To Visit : Japan

9. Favorite Artists : Katherine Lasky, Judy Blume, Wassily Kindinsky, Paul Klee, Johannes Vermeer, & Me

10. Favorite Music : Classical, Show Tunes, & Folk Music

11. Book That Changed My Life : Our Only May Amelia by Jennifer Holm She wanted to be like the others, but found out it was better to be herself.



Random Facts From Lucy

Favorite Food Pasta


Favorite Yarn Any Noro


Favorite Movie The Muppets Christmas Carol


Favorite Type Of Book Historical Fiction


Favorite Places In Cyberspace www.neopets.com, www.jigzone.com


A Poem About Lucy


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