11 Things About Catherine J. Hall


1.        Age : Don’t I Look Good For 45?

2.        Grade : A (USDA Inspected)

3.        Hobbies : Pain Relief & DVDs, But My Life Is Knitting & Writing

4.        Inspirations : Different Cultures, My Family, Water, Emotion, Magical Realism(Thank God for Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

5.        What I Want To Be When I Grow Up : Healthy – Everything else, mother, fiber artist, writer, I already am.

6.        Favorite Art Forms : To Do – Sketch, Knit, Write

To Look At – Japanese Screen Painting, Post Modern Photography

7.        Favorite Place To Be : Boyce Thompson Arboretum

8.        Someday I Hope To Visit : Japan, Greece, Italy, and I want to live in NYC

9.        Favorite Artists : Dead - Alexander Calder – He made something every day and brought humor and affection to every piece he ever made.

Living – Stephen – He captures life from the same perspective.

10.Favorite Music :  Tie Between Belle & Sebastian and His Name Is Alive For Best Band On Earth

11.Books That Changed My Life : Harriet The Spy by Louise Fitzhugh – I knew I wanted to be a writer. By the time I was 12, I had discovered the Autobiography of Malcolm X and the work of Pearl S. Buck.  Even small town libraries can open doors.



Random Facts From Kiki

Favorite Movies – Chunking Express/Fallen Angels


Favorite Yarn – Anything hand-spun or hand-dyed.  I can’t stand cotton, but could knit with wool for the rest of my life and not tire of it.


Favorite Candy – Milky – “tastes Like Mama”


Favorite Favorite – Stories move me more than anything.  A story can be told in any art form.  For example, I am consistently moved by the work of Wong Kar-Wai even though I don’t speak the language.  Leonard Cohen & Nick Cave tell the most beautiful stories with their songs.





Kiki’s Words
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